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light control systems
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light control systems

As part of the Acuity Brands® portfolio, Sunoptics customers have access to a complete daylight harvesting solution – integrating electric lighting, daylighting and lighting control systems. By using natural daylight supplied by the prismatic skylights to illuminate a space, customers can turn off their electric lighting when it’s not needed. Control systems and products from Acuity Controls provide customers a variety of options of how control their electric lighting and daylighting.
Low voltage solutions that maximize energy savings by interfacing with a multitude of electric lighting systems
  • Optimizes energy savings from daylight harvesting
  • Increases lamp and ballast life of electric lighting systems
  • Reduces air conditioning loads by shutting electric lighting off
  • Brings projects in compliance with ASHRAE 90.1 energy standards
The concept of daylight harvesting is simple. Digital photo sensors detect daylight levels and automatically adjust the output level of electric lighting to create a balance. The goal is energy savings. Daylight harvesting is the buzz word in the controls industry right now. Why? Studies indicate that electric lighting energy use can be reduced as much as 84% through the use of an integrated daylighting control system. Until now, there have been barriers to wide-spread acceptance of daylight harvesting. This is due in part to complications associated with commissioning.
Lighting loads are a viable candidate for load reduction (shedding) during periods of high electrical usage through daylighting
  1. Daylight harvesting is one obvious strategy to shed total load during peak consumption hours. Daylight can substitute for electrical lighting.
  2. Some state energy codes and some utilities provide lighting credits for implementation of demand side load-shedding.
How it works
Users set the preferred room luminance level at the daylighting control panel mounted on the wall. A digital photo cell light sensor monitors the amount of light entering the room by reading the light in the skylight well. When there is insufficient available daylight to maintain the desired light level, electric lighting will automatically turn on and off as needed to maintain the selected light level. Although the system works automatically, both daylight and electric light levels are fully controllable. Integrated louver controls are also available for applications in educational and commercial applications where users would want to shut off lights for video presentations. A ceiling mounted photosensor may also be used for both open loop and closed loop daylight harvesting, as well as daylight dimming in almost any architectural setting.
Daylighting by itself will not save any energy. Automatic daylight harvesting controls complement daylighting.Top lit applications (i.e. applications using skylights) are considered the easiest in which to implement daylighting and daylight harvesting. Placement of skylights needs to follow certain basic guidelines as does circuiting of electric lighting. For more information on lighting control solutions for your project, please contact Sunoptics at or toll free at 800-289-4700.

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